OpenBSD on ISS-102 single board computer

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(Jul 22, 2002) Forwarding 34 Mb/s as a bridge.. Still, what is wrong with this board?
(Jul 21, 2002) The IP forwarding performance of ISS-102 sucks, only about 26 Mb/s with pf and 32 Mb/s without.. Something to do with the Realtek 8139 chips?
(Jul 16, 2002) First boot from CF. See the dmesg from running system.

1. Hardware

My ISS-102 is a i386-compatible single board computer with It is enclosed in EB-3800 case that It's a very cool board and suitable for router, firewall or VPN gateway.

2. Software

The ISS-102 board is running a stripped down version of OpenBSD. The kernel supports See the kernel config file and dmesg from running system.

Instead of installing the software directly, I use a development machine that has enough power for fast kernel and userland compiling and a PCMCIA slot for compact flash adapter. I follow the 3.1-STABLE on development machine and basically just copy all the needed userland binaries and the ISS102 kernel to CF card. To be more specific, I

Chris Cappuccio's work on Soekris net4501 has been a great help.

3. Future work

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