Q: I compiled and installed sma successfully but when I run it, there's no output of any kind. In fact, it seems that program is completely idle!

A: That's because sma waits for input. If the input file is not given from the command line, it just waits for you to type it! This way, sma acts like a typical UNIX filter program like grep, sed, awk..

Q: sma writes a terrible amount of strange output on my terminal, but where's that fancy report?

A: sma writes to standard output if the output file is not defined from command line or sma configuration file. Just redirect the output using '>'.

Q: Can you write an analysis section for my favourite 3rd party sendmail add-on?

A: That depends.. sma's original idea was to report only sendmail logging. But I'm planning to add some sort of general plugin/scripting mechanism for simple user-defined analysis.

Q: Where are the graphs?

A: sma won't do that sort of things (yet). But take a look at contrib-directory, there maybe a solution for you. Or convert the sendmail log as common log format (using -O clog) and analyse it with web log parser. How to use sma with AWStats.

Q: SMA is dog slow. How can I make it faster?

A: Some things you could try:

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