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Photography is art, the photographer has to find the angle, the light, to catch and convey the atmosphere, the mood, to stop the moment at just the right moment. And like any form of art, there are certain genres in photography. You can make documentary shots - in the street, in a passage, in a lobby. And you can do this kind of glamorous photo shoot. This is a different genre. And it's always the work of several people.

At my age, it was not easy to be the heroine of such a photo shoot. It was done for a particular magazine, everything had to fit the style of this magazine, to be beautiful and high quality. The costumes were taken from the latest collection of Marina Rinaldi for one day just for the photo shoot. A wonderful photographer took the pictures, then the photos were processed accordingly, then I had to choose just a few photos from the enormous number of them which would convey the mood. It's not about what you look like anymore. All of this together had to work on the mood of the viewer. You looked at it - it must make you feel good, beautiful. That's all, and no more than that, you shouldn't put too much importance on it. But you have to be able to do it professionally.  I'm glad you liked it.

Last updated Oct 01, 2022